Autumn colors in Okutsu

Okutsu in Kagamino has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages, all year round.
At the hostel we are organizing regular activities for our guests and locals alike.

Winter Activities

Winter in Okutsu

Skying: The Okutsu Onsen Hostel is very close to Onbara Kogen snow fields, which is a family friendly snow area with a good snow cover in winter. Snow-depths can vary between 40 to 100 cm, of course all depending on the weather. There are 5 pair-lifts which are operating from 8:00am till 5.00pm. There is ski and snowboard equipment and wear rental available.
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Snowmobiles: Only 9.9km from the hostel there is the possibility to combine snow and speed on exiting snowmobiles. There are 3 courses available: Basic course of 4km, Yohei dawa course 5km, mini tour 8km. Snowmobile rentals start from ¥3,500 per hour.
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Iwai Waterfalls Snowshoe Hike [Difficulty: ★★★★ ☆]:
The Iwai Waterfalls are during other seasons a must see destination because it most distinctive feature is that you can actually walk behind the waterfall. In winter this waterfall is frozen which is a spectacular sight. Get some exercise with the 240 minutes hike through a pristine environment.
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Spring Activities

Cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom Season: April is the cherry blossom month attracting country wide attention. Spring festivals, picnics and tea ceremonies under the cherry trees. Come and emerge yourself in this beautiful romantic atmosphere.
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Plum Blossom Season: Beginning March all the plum trees are flowering which is also an amazing sight.
“Tsuyama Castle Town Hina Dolls Tour” in early March in Tsuyama is where Hina dolls are displayed in all the stores. Valuable dolls that have been handed down from the old families in the castle town are displayed.
Takashimizu Trail: You love hiking? Than this is the perfect time to enjoy the hiking trails around Okutsu.
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Okutsu Onsen Family Amago Salmon Fishing Competition:
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Women’s Sumo Wrestling Tournament: In spring there are locally also women’s sumo wrestling tournaments. Ask the reception for more information.

Summer Activities

Su Iwai Falls Festival
Kagamino-cho Big Summer Festival
Tomi Hirame Festival
Takashimizu Trail: You love hiking? While Okutsu is cooler than the big cities, it’s ideal for hiking in summer.
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Autumn Activities

Kids’ Sumo Wrestling Tournament
Autumn Leaves Festivals
Takashimizu Trail: You love hiking? Than autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the hiking trails around Okutsu.
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Whole Year Round Activities

What ever the season you can always participate in one of the following activities.
Woodworking: We have an amazing access to a fantastic hall with all machines you need to create some beautiful wooden items.
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Autumn colors in Okutsu