Skying near Okutsu

Onbara Kogen snowfields

For skying near Okutsu, at only 17 km you find the Onbara Kogen snow field (Kagamino Town, Okayama), which is a family friendly snow area with a good snow cover in winter. Snow-depths can vary between 40 to 100 cm, of course all depending on the weather. The season is mostly from December 25 till end of February.
There are 5 pair-lifts which are operating from 8:00am till 5.00pm.
A ski and snowboard school is available.
There is ski and snowboard equipment and wear rental available, so even when you decide on a whim to go for some skying you are covered.
Pricing during 2020 season for a adult day pass is 4,300¥ for a child 2,800¥. A half day pass is also 2,800¥. A season ticket is 34,000¥.
A lift pass for one ride is 260¥ a ticket for 11 rides is 2600¥, which can be shared with others.
Sky wear rental 2500¥ per day (excluding hat, gloves and goggles).
Sky boots and board rental 3000¥ per day.
FREE instruction of a skying teacher.
There are 2 restaurants at the base of the mountain with nice and reasonable priced food.

Skying near Okutsu at Onbara Kogen snow fields

You can find here the actual weather and snow forecast of Onbara Kogen.

Daisen White Resort snowfields (Tottori)

Located in Daisen town to the south west of Yonago city in Tottori Prefecture is the Daisen White Resort. This is 80 km from Okutsu Onsen. It is on the northern slopes of Mt Daisen – a volcanic mountain with an elevation of over 1700m, making it the highest in the Chugoku region. It overlooks the sea with some fine views on a clear day. There is a cross-country course.

Skying near Okutsu at Daisen White resort

This resort has four main areas – Kokusai, Uenohara, Nakanohara and Gouenzan and there has been skiing here since 1956. The 2019-2020 season marks the 10th Anniversary of it being known as ‘Daisen White Resort’ and the resort still keeps those four named areas. There are 14 lifts available. The season here is from mid December till end of March. You can find here the actual weather and snow forecast of Daisen White Resort.

There are three other separate ski hills on the slopes of Mt Daisen – Daisen Masumizu Kogen, Oku Daizen and Kagamiganaru. You can find here the actual weather and snow forecast of Daisen White Resort.

Snowfields in Kofu (Tottori)

There are 2 snowfields in Kofu, 60 km away from Okutsu Onsen. Named Kagamiganaru with 1 lift and Oku Daizen with 2 lifts.
With these links you can find the details of Kagamiganaru and Oku Daizen.

snowfields near Okutsu

We hope you can find the right snowfields for your abilities. Please ask us for more local information.

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