Takashimizu Trail

The local government created this lovely Takashimizu Trail going from mountain top to mountain top. The views are amazing and the trail is suitable for people of all ages. The whole trail is nicely covered with wood-chips and open from spring till late autumn.

map of Takashimizu Trail
Map of Takashimizu Trail

At the hostel we can arrange transport to the start of the trail and make arrangement to pick you up at the end of the trail. If you pack a nice lunch box this could make a lovely day out. The trail is about 9km long and starts at a level of 700 meter above sea-level. The highest peak is at 1100 meters above sea-level. The view over the surrounding areas is just breathtaking. Nature of course is changing during the different seasons, so every time new plants and animals can be detected. And after a nice day tracking a lovely onsen is waiting for you, to relax those muscles and soak up some warmth.

photo of Takashimizu Trail
The Takashimizu Trail on these mountains

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